Determining What You Believe 

Alpha Courses for Adults and Youth

  Are you not sure what you believe?  Do you have trouble getting answers and finding people to talk with in a safe, nonjudgemental environment?

Alpha Courses are for people who have questions about the Christian faith and want to decide for themselves what they think.

Attending an Alpha Course is easy.  It is a casual atmosphere.  An Alpha discussion starts with a short video followed by discussion with other people who have questions just like you do.  Participate in the discussion or just listen.  It is a completely nonjudgmental environment where people are free to question and express what they think. 

Alpha Courses are completely free with no associated costs. We are donor supported. Donations are appreciated.

What are people saying?

Comments on anonymous survey of an Alpha Group held in Wilmore, KY during the spring of 2018

"I think it's an excellent course for anyone, regardless of stage of faith."

"There is no judgment. There is room for your doubts."

"The legalism of what Christianity tends to be was broken down and I no longer felt like I had to hide my doubts and worries. It was an honest and open place. I began to realize just how many of 'me' there were."

"I feel like a lot of groups, while not intentionally, can sometimes make people afraid to ask questions. Alpha doesn't do this."

"It's incredible to watch how you form amazing relationships with God and his people, and everyone receives different outcomes from this. You won't regret it!"

"It's for both believers and nonbelievers."

"There's no pressure. It's a very chill environment. There's food."

"It's not trying to get you to change, but showing you the truth."