Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Inspirations?

Business Inspirations is a service offered by Inspired VDL, Inc. to businesses and individuals in the central Kentucky area. We help people close troublesome personal or business gaps between where they are and where they want to be by serving as a silent partner and sounding board for them. We give people immediate, collaborative feedback so they can benefit from our 70+ years of diversified experience as they face operational or personal challenges.

How do you work as a sounding board?

We are approachable, seasoned people who will listen actively. We will question to understand and draw on our expertise to provide feedback. All discussions are safe, comfortable, and completely confidential. Facing tough decisions and implementing significant changes can make you feel lonely, particularly if you are at the top of the chain of command. In that position, there are a limited number of "safe" people with whom you can discuss options. Simply by design, you are surrounded by people who have personal stakes in these decisions. Our sounding board approach gives you a chance to share your thoughts, discuss your problems and concerns, examine your hopes and fears, and receive experienced feedback based on our many years of experience in challenging situations.

As your client, what should I expect?

As our client, you can expect to be Heard Questioned Understood Challenged with "what if" scenarios Mentored Encouraged Given relevant examples to stimulate thinking In full control of the focus of any discussion

What types of gaps do other people identify?

Gaps people experience are as diverse as the situations people face. Some examples are: Dealing with communications issues Dealing with teamwork issues Not being sure how to proceed with a given situation Not having enough time to meet obligations well Making more commitments than can be met well Strategies not working well Competition having a negative impact on business Organizational values not being supported by members of the organization Experiencing discrimination and not knowing how to proceed Not having the confidence to make tough decisions regardless of others' opinions Fear of change Not knowing how to turn an negative environment into a positive one Not knowing how to clearly define actionable goals Needing specific training in order to proceed Not sure how to win more proposals Needing support in dealing with personnel issues Not knowing how to establish a discriminator Needing help with conflict resolution Needing help selecting the right people for key positions Not sure how to support others well Needing support to earn opportunities

When and how do you meet with clients?

We offer the following meeting options: 1) In person at our Nicholasville offices (following all recommended Covid-19 precautions) 2) Conference calling 3) Virtual video conferencing